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Twenty year’s ago we noticed the wealth of fallen timber lying unused on the
forest floor near our home in South Western Australia. We saw an opportunity
to utilize a raw resource and use it to create beautiful and functional furniture.

The aim of Rustic Nature Play is to design and create play spaces that reflect the
natural environment, allowing children to express and connect with nature by
enjoying the experience of playing in the forest and by creating natural
landscapes for children to explore.

The playground’s we create allow children to exercise independence by
incorporating challenges that are physically demanding and suitable to their
age group. by giving children a natural place to play reduces anxiety, form’s
lasting memories and improve’s overall well being. the play area’s also
encourage children to engage their imagination, turning log stepper’s into a
path over a treacherous swamp and a log tunnel into a gateway to a fantastic

As our children grow into a world increasingly influenced by technology a firm
grounding in the outdoor’s and natural play has never been so important. Our
play area’s are enjoyed by children in urban and rural area’s, and allow them to
have the connection with the natural environment that the earlier generation’s
took for granted.

Rustic Nature Play is based in Margaret River, and services the South West.
If you would like to create a nature playground and learning environment that
meet’s all Australian Safety Standard’s. we will discuss your thoughts and plan’s,
we will work to meet your budget requirement’s while creating a unique and
enjoyable playground.

We welcome your inquiries and will get back in touch with you promptly.
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